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                TRUMPF Provides Machines For:

                • Trumpf Power Tools
                • 2D Laser Cutting
                • Additive production systems (3D metal printing)
                • Laser Tube Cutting
                • Punching
                • Punching / Laser Combo
                • Press Brake / Bending Solutions
                • Software
                • Tooling for Press Brakes & Punches
                • Automation / Storage
                • Complete Financing

                TRUMPF North America

                TRUMPF is a world leader in laser technology. TRUMPF Inc. is the North American subsidiary of TRUMPF Germany. With approximately?750 employees, TRUMPF Inc. is the largest subsidiary within the TRUMPF Group and is the largest manufacturer of fabricating machinery in the United States. The TRUMPF Group has branch offices in more than 26 countries, almost 11,000 employees, and generates sales in excess of $ 3?billion.

                TRUMPF is?the?world leader in Fiber Laser Technology

                • Over 16 years experience
                • 2D laser cutting machines are available with up to 8,000 watt lasers
                • Process up to 1” material
                • Several models to fit your needs

                Video Gallery

                Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

                TruPrint Additive Manufacturing Process

                TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber

                TRUMPF TruLaser 7030 fiber

                TRUMPF Chicago Smart Factory

                TRUMPF 5 Axis Laser Cutting

                TRUMPF TruBend 7036 & 7050

                TRUMPF TruMatic 1000