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                Welcome to Braun Machinery – CNC Machine Sales for Michigan


                Competition. To be successful, you need to be price competitive and need to remain flexible so you can meet your customer’s rapidly changing demands. You need to do it without sacrificing new opportunities. And quality is a given. If you don’t provide quality products – on time – you’re simply not going to be in business very long. Make a poor choice about the people you depend on and the challenges get even tougher…

                IT’S WHAT WE DO

                To meet today’s challenges, an experienced partner – someone who you can trust – can be a big help. We’ve been partnering with Michigan manufacturers since 1946. Whether it’s a new machine tool, service, training, or applications, our goal is to exceed your expectations. We know that we will not be judged by what we say or promise, but rather by what we do. That’s why people who do business with us come back again and again. And that’s why at Braun Machinery our motto is”because performance is everything.”


                We are a member of AMTDA and participate in the AMTDA certification program. A Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer (CMTSE) has demonstrated he is:

                CMTSE??Technically capable to recommend productive metalworking solutions.

                ??Knowledgeable in the latest manufacturing technologies.

                ??Proficient in the commercial issues of procurement and financing.

                We support the future…

                Braun Machinery and Hurco proudly support the?Manufacturing Tooling Technology Programs?at many Michigan schools . We support our industry by supporting the future. Your support of Hurco and Braun Machinery allow us to provide schools like Ferris State University and Oakland Community College with Hurco vertical machining centers, lathes and software. These Manufacturing Tooling Technology Programs teach precision metalworking, tool & die making and mold making manufacturing processes.

                Ferris State University

                Click here to learn more about the College of Engineering Technology

                Oakland Community College

                Click here to learn more about the Oakland Community College program

                 Oakland Community College with Hurco vertical machining centers

                Customer Spotlight

                Profile Tool Inc. - 4 axis

                We finally got around to using the 4th axis to cut some helixes on these shafts. Worked out great with the tailstock in there for the additional support. Very happy with how its working out for us, we would have had to turn down this work or job it out in the past.

                Thanks for getting us set up with this guys!

                Lucas Wolgamott – Profile Tool Inc.

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                Timeline PhotosNozzle technology has advanced to keep pace with laser technology and is equally as important to achieve high productivity and quality parts. TRUMPF utilizes a variety of nozzle technologies that offer the most productive and consistent cutting as well as systems to automatically change, maintain and manage them. Join us this Thursday, Jan. 14th at 2:00 pm EST as we discuss and demonstrate the different options available for different cutting scenarios!Register with the link below!ow.ly/QJc650D5H3C ... See MoreSee Less
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