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                Financing solutions to fit your needs…

                Braun Machinery has dozens of sources to help fund your next project. Talk to us about your needs and we will guide you to the right sources to discuss your next move.

                Special financing arrangements for HURCO Equipment

                If you are considering purchasing a CNC machine Hurco offers special financing packages to fit your needs.

                Contact us for more information on Hurco Financing

                Special financing arrangements for TRUMPF Equipment

                TRUMPF Inc. has a unique single source solution to financing for their equipment. Talk to TRUMPF about how they can help.
                Email is:?leasing@us.trumpf.com

                TRUMPF provides financing For:

                ??2D Laser Cutting

                ??Laser Tube Cutting


                ??Punching / Laser Combo

                ??Press Brake / Bending Solutions

                ??Automation / Storage